Selling a range of sweet body products (treats for the skin), Our sweet treat range, bath bombs, cleaning products and body products. Our bath bomb range differs, some are colourful for the kids & adults or for pure relaxation. Try 1 or try them all!

We use high quality fragrances & premium ingredients, also our bath bomb labels are water soluble so you do not have to remove them just place the bath bomb and label in the bath under warm running water, the label will dissolve on contact with water :) how cool is that? Eco friendly and less packaging going in the bin, we will be adding eco friendly packaging for our bath bombs and most of our products soon.

All products sold on this website are handmade by us, with that being said not all products will look the same, We try to stay as natural as we can when making our products, most of our products are vegan friendly, or ingredients we use are, we use PET jars which can be recycled & our products are not tested on animals. We do supply refills for the jars or you may send us your jars back and we can keep your collection and resend them to you, they are thoroughly cleaned, this way we don't have to send you more, we can have you return them with a prepaid envelope.

We are a small family run business which is home based, 100% Australian Made, Owned and Operated.

All reviews & feedback are appreciated & welcome.

If you are not happy with a purchase please let us know and we guarantee to make sure we provide great customer service to all of our customers. We do custom orders, For any custom orders please contact us.

We have a list of fragrances that you may like, we will list them all on our website shortly, create your own product, let us know what you would like and we should be able to create it for you or to gift to someone.

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